"The Real Deal" Kashed Up

Real Name

Kashed Upson

Ring Name

Kashed Up





Date of Birth

9th May, 1983 (age 27)

Place of Birth/Billed From

Brisbane, Australia

Current/Previous Federations

Universal Wrestling Federation
Australian Wrestling Federation
Proving Ground Wrestling

Win/Loss Record

Win: 20
Loss: 7


November 2009

"The Real Deal" Kashed Up

Kashed Upson (born 9th May 1983) is an Australian Professional Wrestler, better known by his ring name, "The Real Deal" Kashed Up. He is a top star on the Universal Wrestling Federation show Underground where he is the currently the UWF World Champion . He has also competed in Australian Wrestling Federation and the now defunct promotion PGW (Proving Ground Wrestling)

Early Career/Life

Kashed Up grew up in a suburban town just outside the Brisbane CBD. Most of the time he spent playing around the backyard with some type of ball, whether it be a Soccer ball or some type of oval shaped one. Being an only child, Kashed would often have to find games to play by himself and found ways to pass the time, taking on things on his own. This would serve him well later in life

When he reached his 12th birthday, His parents bought a lottery ticket from the local newsagency, thinking they had no chance in winning but thought "better to give it a shot then to not try at all". The draw rolled round the next night and when checking the numbers, to the disbelief of his mothers eyes, all the numbers drawn out matched the ones on their ticket. The next day came, and to their astonishment, found out they were the only ones to win 1st Division, winning $30 Million dollars. The family were the talk of the town and Kashed Up loved it. The spotlight was on him and he loved it

One day a couple of months later, Kashed Up's parents set up a trust fund that he would only be able to access once he turned 18. A week later, a new channel on TV appeared and started to show wrestling shows, in fact half their broadcasting was wrestling but Kashed Up was yet to watch it. Kashed Up noticed an ad on another channel showing a number of wrestlers fly around the ring, promoting shows from the channel. Kashed Up instantly took a liking to it and decided to watch one of the shows the following day which just so happened to be WWE Smackdown

The following day, Kashed Up tuned in to watch the show and once seeing the first match, fell in love with the sport. During an ad break, a promo aired saying the WWE was coming to Australia. Kashed Up would nag his parents to go to the show in Brisbane, with both of them eventually caving in and buying a few tickets to the show. 6 Months rolled by, and every day, Kashed Up would mark off a day on the calender, eagerly anticipating the company coming down under. Eventually, the 6 months had passed and the show we here. Entering the stadium, Kashed Up saw the stage being prepared with the lights circling the arena as music and stage graphics were tested. Kashed Up realised at the moment, he would become a pro wrestler when he grew up. The show was spectacular and after the show, whilst leaving the arena, one of Kashed Up's favorite competitors ran up to him, giving him his coat that he left behind. Kashed Up rose a smile on his face as they headed off home

Australian Wrestling Federation

6 Years passed and it was Kashed Up's 18th Birthday. He was now able to access his trust fund and as a present from his parents, knowing how much he wanted to wrestle, signed him up for wrestling lessons at the local wrestling federation, AWF. During the first lesson, the trainer saw the immense talent Kashed Up possessed, he approached Kashed Up and asked him if was interested in signing to the organisation. Kashed Up jumped at the chance and was soon signed up as a rookie

Kashed Up's skills got better and better over the next 5 years and soon, became a headline act for the main roster. During one of the PPV's, A scout from an indy federation known as Proving Ground Wrestling was in attendance. Kashed Up was excited knowing someone from a foreign promotion was there to watch the talent being his cocky self, thought the scout was to watch him and him only. This turned out to be partly true as he was the main wrestler that was to be scouted by PGW. Kashed Up wrestled his match which he won and that was all the convincing the scout had needed

After the show had finished, the scout approached Kashed with the owner of AWF. The scout had said that Kashed Up was one of the best talents he'd seen in Australia and wanted to have someone from Oceania in the company. Kashed was ecstatic and knew that he had done what he always set out to do - make it into a wrestling federation abroad. Although it was a small company just start up, Kashed Up still thought it was the big time and had made it in the industry. But he hadn't made it yet

Proving Ground Wrestling

Kashed Up made his debut on the first ever episode of Revolution, the only show produced by PGW bar Pay Per Views. In the opening event of the show, Kashed Up tagged with Angelina Sky in a losing effort to Johnny "the Chosen One" and Princess Jasmine. Kashed Up's confidence and hopes came crashing down. Thinking he would be a failure the rest of his career, Kashed Up took to items backstage and started breaking them, much to the displeasure of PGW staff. On the following week's Revolution, Kashed Up would get retribution for his loss by beating the large and in charge Bearded Avenger. Kashed Up was over the moon at the result, knowing his skills would finally prevail. Although it was a win, it didn't last long. The following week, Kashed Up would face off against the then General Manager, Kyle Kross, in a tournament to see who would be crowned the first ever PGW World Champion. Although putting in a valiant effort, Kashed Up would bow out in the first round, again venting his frustrations backstage after thinking he was a shoe in for the title

Kashed Up's win/loss record would again level itself out, when he defeated long time PGW rival Jamie O'Hara. This would be the start of a 5 match winning streak. Kashed Up would face off against O'Hara once more, at PGW's first ever PPV, New Years Revolution, this time in a Ladder Match. Kashed Up would once again defeat the Show Stopper to gain #1 Contendership to the World Title but what happened after the match was more shocking. After the match had ended, Kashed Up would go mental on O'Hara, powerbombing him to concrete flooring from the stage and again powerbombing him off the stage off a 15ft ladder through a table. After the match, Kashed Up was proud of himself. He'd made an impact in the company destroying an up and coming talent such as O'Hara. A week later, PGW Staff and fans alike would learn of the damage of Kashed Up's attack would have on O'Hara. O'Hara eventually ended up with 3 broken vertebrae in his back, putting him out inevitably

On the Revolution following New Years Revolution, Kashed Up continued his winning streak by easily disposing of Melbourne's Mike Lee. The following week, Kashed Up did not appear on Revolution after being suspended without pay by PGW Management. Returning the week after, PGW Management would again be tough on the #1 Contender, pitting him in a handicap match against Mike Lee and newcomer to PGW, J Glick A. Again, Kashed outmuscled and overpowered his opponents to pick up yet another win on the eve of the Full Throttle Pay Per View. Full Throttle would soon come around, where PGW Management had announced that he would face off against the Bearded Avenger to determine the second ever PGW World Champion. Kashed Up came out on top in the contest, being crowned as the PGW World Champion, much to the enjoyment of himself his family. Reports where out claiming Australia were happy to see an Aussie as champion, although were very upset to know how he got to be champion. Kashed Up had finally realised what it was like to be champion, to be on top of the world. Kashed Up had finally made it

Kashed Up's winning streak would finally come to an end, losing to newly named Gargantuan Apprentice. Although suffering from a championship hangover the week before, Kashed Up would pick up another hard fought victory, again competing in a handicap match against Mike Lee and Andrew Dynamite. Kashed Up would again face another week on the sidelines a week later, on the eve of PGW's Biggest PPV of the Year, Against All Odds, although as a reward instead of punishment by PGW Management. Kashed Up would go into battle at Sydney, Australia's ANZ Stadium, in a homecoming PPV for many wrestlers in the company. In the Main Event of the show, Kashed Up successfully defended his World Title against the man who defeated him on the first ever Revolution, Johny "the Chosen One". After the Pay Per View had finished, rumor started to circle that the company was financial crisis after shipping over the equipment for the show and the soon approaching opening of the new PGW Arena. These rumors would soon turn out to be true

The following week, Revolution would be aired from the new, $25 Million dollar PGW Arena. Kashed Up would go onto defeat another newcomer in TJ Sanchez. Reports continued to show Proving Ground Wrestling in trouble. The following week, Kashed Up would face off for a third time against Mike Lee, and for a third time, defeated the Melbournian. That weeks Revolution would turn out to be the last as Proving Ground Wrestling disbanded, leaving all the wrestlers including Kashed Up without jobs. This would not be the end of the road for Kashed Up

Universal Wrestling Federation

Kashed Up signed with signed on with well known company Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) on the 13th of February, 2010. Due to Visa issues and contract issues, Kashed Up would have to wait until the 28th of March to make his much waited debut in the company. In a Triple Threat match, Kashed Up would face off against fellow newcomer in Jason Evans and Nick Jordan on the now defunct show, Showcase. His debut was well worth the wait as he disposed of both competitors to pick up his first win in UWF. People had been put on notice. With the win the previous week, on Showcase a week later, Kashed Up earned a Brawl for it All qualifying match against one of the wrestlers he faced the week before, Jason Evans, and Bailey Almindo. Kashed Up would continue his winning streak in UWF and in doing so, qualified for the 2010 Brawl for it All match. Kashed Up would have to wait for his next match to come around at his first PPV, Cross Roads, where he would face off in a Fatal 4 way Ladder match for the new No Limits Championship. Kashed Up looked like he was out of it for most of the match but dug down deep to pull out everything to become the first ever No Limits Champion. His night was far from over where he would have to compete in the Brawl for it All match later that night. Although putting in a gallant effort, he would fall short with long time nemesis Jamie O'Hara become the Brawl for it All winner. This would be crowned as his first loss in the company


On the following week's top show, Underground, Kashed Up would be drafted to the brand by General Manager Mick Harrolds, and was given a reprieve from action. He however did commentary during a match for #1 Contendership for his title, attacking the winner Cozzy X after he won. This would be the start a feud between the two. The following week on Underground, Kashed Up would offer Cozzy X one of his ho's for the night as an apology gift of sorts for the previous week. Though this would soon turn out to be part of the plan as Kashed Up followed Cozzy X to the hotel he was staying at. Posing as a concierge, Kashed Up brutally attacked Cozzy X, leaving him on the floor of his room, bleeding from the head. The following weeks Underground was more of the same, as Cozzy X called Kashed Up out. Kashed Up answered and all hell broke out with security having to separate the pair. This would lead to a match up for the No Limits title at the biggest show of the year, Ultimate Showdown, where Kashed Up would come out on top, successfully defending the gold. The following weeks Underground would see Kashed Up face off against Shawn Mendez, where he would pick up the win. The following week during an interview, Kashed Up attacked Cozzy X before his Champion vs Champion match with Rick O'Shea. Kashed Up would go on to win that match and show that he isn't to be taken lightly

The following weeks Underground was again nothing to sneeze at. At the top of the show, Cozzy X would once again call Kashed Up, to which he would accept again. As things were about to get confrontational once more, Mick Harrolds would come out to let both of them know their match at Seven Deadly Sins for the No Limits title would be a Triple Threat match. Coming up from behind the pair, as masked man beat both of them down before revealing to the world it was none other than the Bearded Avenger, the man Kashed Up had never lost to in Proving Ground Wrestling (PGW). Later that night, Kashed Up would face off against another former PGW wrestler and long time nemesis, Jamie O'Hara, who at that time was the UWF World Heavyweight Champion. Although putting in a tough display, Kashed Up's mini winning streak would come to an end and was defeated by the World Champion. Come Seven Deadly Sins, Kashed Up's reign would come to a controversial end as he would lose to the 3rd participant in the match, the Bearded Avenger. On the following Underground, Kashed Up would gain a small amount of retribution as he competed in a mixed tag match with Michell Stephens against the new No Limits champion, the Bearded Avenger and Natalia Gutierrez, winning the contest

After a celebratory hug after the match in which Kashed Up teamed with Michell Stephen to defeat the Bearded Avenger and Natalie Gutierrez the week before, Kashed Up would grow feelings for Michell after seeing her naked. Kashed Up would try to keep this quiet and to himself, steering clear of Michell who was dating Brett Payne, a rookie from Generation Next, for the following month. Brett Payne would start to suspect something after seeing Kashed Up leave Michell's lockeroom, who was wearing a robe at the time. Kashed Up would once again string two wins together, defeating former UWF World Heavyweight Champion CF Schulze to qualify for the Kings of Wrestling Tournament at Clash of the Titans, on the Opening Ceremony episode of Underground on the 20-09-10. Kashed Up would wrestle his next match at the following weeks PPV, Clash of the Titans, where he would have a big night, despite trying to hold back feeling for Michell, who he would see later in the night.. In the Semi Final for the Kings of Wrestling Tournament, Kashed Up would face off against Jonny Venom who had qualified for the match earlier in the night. Kashed Up would go onto win the match and move onto the Finals against rookie Brett Payne, boyfriend of Michell where he would pick up the crown of UWF King of Wrestling 2010, defeating Payne in a tough fought match

On the following weeks Underground, Kashed Up tagged with UWF World Champion Desmond Helms to take on the team of UWF Chairman Dean James and Brett Payne. Although putting in a gallant effort, both the King of Wrestling 2010 and World Champ came up short, although Kashed Up was not pinned. Come the following week, the man event for 2010's Summerbash PPV had been announced with Kashed Up to challenge for the World Title against his tag team partner from the week before, Desmond Helms. The following week on Underground, Kashed Up would face off against 2 former PGW wrestlers in the Bearded Avenger and the returning Jamie O'Hara. The match would end in a no contest as the time limit for the match had surpassed

The following week would prove nothing short of an all out brawl as then World Champion Desmond Helms was scheduled to face off against Kashed Up in the main event, a preview of their match at Summerbash on the Gold Coast, Australia, from the Acer Arena in Sydney. The match would not take place though as Desmond Helms would call Kashed Up out to the ring, which Kashed Up would accept. This turned out to be a set up as both men would brawl for a lengthy period of time. Close friend to Kashed Up, Michell Stephen, would come down to the ring to calm down Kashed Up, as would Desmond Helms valet, Ashlee Louiber. During that weeks Underground, things would start to pick up with Kashed Up and Michell Stephen as Kashed Up would offer a Michell a scenic tour around some parts of Sydney. Come that weekend, emotions were at a high for the Real Deal with the thought of competing for the UWF at a major PPV in front of his home crowd pumping up the home town boy. During a hard fought match, Kashed Up would cleanly pick up the win at Skilled Park on Queensland's Gold Coast and in doing so, becoming the new UWF World Champion

Becoming new champion came at a cost though with it being revealed by FirstBlood.Com that during the match, Kashed Up had developed blood clots in his lung. This was found out after Kashed Up was taken to the hospital after collapsing backstage after the PPV. Although the outcome is good, with not having to be on medication, Kashed Up would not be allowed both by doctors and UWF Management to compete until after 2 weeks of rest, taking the no wrestling ban up until the first week in December or in other words, No Remorse on December 6th.

Personal Life

Kashed Up is a Taurus and this shows a lot in his gimmick. Kashed Up runs a pimping business but is rarely seen with any women. Kashed Up resides on the Sunshine Coast but has a house in Strathpine, saving him from having to drive a long way home from flights to and from the UWF. Kashed Up is a huge sports fan, football (soccer) being one of his most loved sports. He is a Penrith Panthers fan as well as a Port Adelaide Power fan. He is also a Brisbane Roar FC fan and is the leading Male Ticket holder with the club. Besides Aussie teams, he is a fan of the English Premier League club, Aston Villa, and NBA side Miami Heat. He often goes to matches when in the UK and USA with UWF

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • Dough Driver (Vertical Suplex Side Slam)
  • Kash Killer (Double Underhook Neckbreaker/Mat Slam/Piledriver)
  • Burning Money (Modified Iconoclasm Facebuster)

Signature Moves

  • Kash2Kash (Leg Drop Bulldog)
  • Broken Dreams (Jumping Sitout Spike Facebuster/DDT)
  • Kash Deduction (Spear)
  • Maximum Wage (Inverted Sitout Side Powerslam)

Regular Moves

  • Cutter
  • Running STO
  • Modified Swing Side Slam
  • Slingshot Suplex
  • Tilt A Whirl Leg Drop
  • Flash The Kash (Rope Aided Leg Drop)
  • Economy Clutch (Spider Twist Submission Hold)
  • Bankrupt (Tonga Death Grip)
  • Flying High (Modified F5)
  • Spinning Wheel Kick
  • Dropkick
  • Moonsault
  • Running Knee Shot
  • Lariat Takedown
  • Diving Float Over Neckbreaker From Top Rope
  • Over The Top Rope Suicide Crossbody
  • Time Is Money (Double Underhook DDT)
  • Breaking The Bank (Ankle Lock)
  • Running Clothesline
  • Anaconda Vise


  • "........... and that's the Real Deal!"
  • "You can bank on that"
  • "Money Talks"
  • "Take that to the bank"


  • The Real Deal
  • The Thunder from Down Under
  • The Aussie Attraction
  • The Beast from Brisbane

Entrance Theme(s)

  • "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central

Championships and Accomplishments

Australian Wrestling Federation

  • N/A

Proving Ground Wrestling

  • 1x PGW World Champion
  • Longest Reigning PGW World Champion
  • Last Ever PGW World Champion
  • Never Defeated at a PGW Pay Per View

Universal Wrestling Federation

  • First Ever UWF No Limits Champion
  • 1x UWF No Limits Champion
  • 2010 King of Wrestling
  • Current UWF World Champion
  • 1x UWF World Champion

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